Movie about VAW-ETHZ Greenland Project

During Juli 2015 and Juli 2016 the two projects

at the Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology were very successful.

My colleague Guillaume Jouvet created a great movie explaining our work and challenges applying UAV technique in the very Northwest of Greenland. Have fun!

2017/01/18 07:43 · Yvo Weidmann

Publications, talks and posters 2016




  • Country-wide analysis of geothermal potential for railway switch point heaters
    Yvo Weidmann, Sarah Signorelli, Andrea Grüniger
    Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2016, Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Swiss Glacier Inventory 3D, a product of the Swiss topographical landscape model
    Yvo Weidmann, Matthias Huss, Mauro Fischer, Emanuel Schmassmann
    Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2016, Geneva (Switzerland)

Other talks

2017/01/18 07:29 · Yvo Weidmann
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