Research and Development

Geodatabase development using Sparx Enterprise Architect

The software package Sparx Enterprise Architect offers great possibilities to design object-oriented software. But also database design and reverse engineering of code and data structure can be done.

The implementation of the geodatabase object model of ArcGIS into the Enterprise Architect also offers the design of ESRI geodatabase systems. With the full capacity of the usage of the concept of Object-Oriented-Design (e.g. inheritance), the design of a geodatabase can be fully done within the Enterprise Architect. With the export of the XML-based database schema, the database itself can be setup within ArcCatalog and is instantly ready-to-use.

The approach of designing a geodatabase visually also offers a great opportunity for documentation and discussion among the experts. The schema are stored in a Subversion source code repository to preserve the whole history of development.

As a research and development project the design of the Glacier-Geodatabase used at the Division of Glaciology of the ETH Zurich. The Glacier-Geodatabase stores the geometries of Glaciers in 3D geometries derived from different sources including stereo photogrammetrical analysis.

The following examples are showing subsets of the different Feature Dataset implemented:

GeoIdee works with Enterprise Architect also for reverse engineering of existing source code (C#, Python, C++) or database structures (ArcGIS, PostGIS).

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