The backcountry skiing maps are offering you some features:

example_number_name.jpg Sheet number and name for each map. example_overview.jpg Simplified overview of the region.
example_topo_map.jpg Russian topographic maps at scale 1:50'000 as background. example_place_to_stay.jpg Indicating places to stay over night.
example_routes.jpg Showing routes and their specifics. example_starting_point.jpg Pointing out where to start.
example_steep_slopes.jpg Highlight slopes steeper than 30 degrees. example_new_routes.jpg Inspiration to check out new routes.

Important Remarks

  • The document Glossary about Russian Topographical Maps provides many important information about how to read them.
  • The indication of slopes steeper than 30 degrees based on the ASTER digital terrain model. Please verify the steepness of the slopes by youself in the field.
  • Maps with a scale 1:50'000 are considered to be state secret in Tajikistan. Please don't show this maps to officials nor provide information about the source.

Scale, paper format, layout and file format

This backcountry skiing map is at a scale 1:50'000 using the Russian topographic map as background.

The map sheet itself can be plotted in the format A2. The map can be trimmed to the correct format of 33 x 55 cm (11 x 10 cm folded) by using the marks around the map.


The digital version is available as PDF with a file size of about 20 MBytes.

The folded map is very handy to be used in the field and fits in each mountaineering jacket pocket.



I am happy to include all your comments. But specially I am looking for:

  • New routes
  • Written description of existing and new routes
  • Translation into Russian and / or Tajik

It would be great to get for each route an unique number and a written description.

Next Steps

In the near future several improvements of the maps will be undertaken:

  • Indication of total amount of difference in altitude per route
  • Names and contacts of places to stay


Available map sheets:

Download of individual sheets Region
10-42-030-3 SHURPAST Anzob pass and tunnel
10-42-030-4 KALON Anzob pass and tunnel
10-42-042-1 NAYZAKBA PEAK Sioma valley
10-42-042-2 TAKOB Takob skiing region
10-42-043-1 BURMA PASS Takob skiing region
10-42-042-3 ISKICH Near Dushanbe
10-42-042-4 VARZOB HPP Near Dushanbe
10-42-043-3 MAGOV Romit valley
10-42-043-4 ROMIT Romit valley
10-42-044-3 OBIGARM Faizabad
10-42-055-2 FAIZABAD Faizabad
10-42-035-2 CHONKIRGIZ Jirgitol
10-42-036-1 DZHAILGAN Jirgitol
10-42-036-3 MUK Jirgitol

Rock Climbing

Almost the best combination in March / April is:

  1. Back-country skiing in the morning
  2. Rock climbing in the afternoon

Here the topos of the three climbing spots in Varzob- and Sioma-Valley:

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