Mapping workshop for Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V. in Southern Tajikistan

Within the project for thematic map production for the Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V. (WHH) a workshop was conducted by in the WHH field office in Baljovan. Main target of the workshop was the detailed definition of the map series to create. The projects of WHH in cooperation with CESVI are addressing the development of a sustainable and holistic watershed management approach.


Accompanying the detailed management plans two map series have to be elaborated:

  • Watershed Management Map
  • Pasture Management Map

The Watershed Management Maps are providing general information about the current or planned land-use and activities to achieve. The Pasture Management Maps are addressing the usage and rotation of the areas used for pasture during the three main seasons Spring, Summer and Autumn.

During the workshop the following topics were addressed:

  • Main purpose and core message
  • Audience to be addressed
  • Detailed content of the maps and background to be used (topographical map vs. satellite imagery)
  • Additional information such as guidelines or best practices to be added

As base-information hand-drawn land-use maps of the individual watersheds are used. These maps were elaborated by staff of WHH in cooperation with the villages. For the different management plans and maps a participatory process in the villages will be conducted.

Land-use map Proof-of-concept
Base-line mapping of the current land-use of the individual watersheds elaborated within workshops in the villages. Proof-of-concept and color testing of pasture management information using analog printouts and crayons.

The findings of the workshop are resulting in a detailed concept for the individual map series. Based on the information mapped by the staff of WHH and CESVI and the map concept the production of the thematic map will be done during Mai and June 2012.

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