Land-use and pasture management map sets Baljuvon, Khovaling and Temumalik

Based on the results of the workshop about thematic mapping in Baljuvon a complete set of land-use and pasture management maps for over 30 individual watershed were produced for the natural resource management project of Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V. (WHH) in Southern Tajikistan.

As input for the maps the GoogleEarth-based digitized data layers were converted into a collection of several shapefiles. The attributes of the shapefiles were previously designed for the usage of the Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V. (WHH) project in the three project regions of Southern Tajikistan. The shapefiles are containing polygons such as pasture areas or areas with limiting factors like landslides or gullies. Other point geometry based files are containing individual water points or pasture related constructions.

The individual geometries are connected by key values to the project database. The project database provides additional information of each watershed like population, livestock or trainings provided.

The data are represented in two different maps sets:

  • Pasture management map
  • Map of current land use

Each mach exists in a version with a satellite image and grey-scale Soviet topographic map as background information.

Current land use Pasture management
whh_landuse_coversheet.jpg whh_pasturemanagement_coversheet_300.jpg

The standardized map cover sheet (format ISO-A4)provides a standardized legend and a common layout for all watersheds. The folded maps in Tajik language are integrated as attachment to the written watershed management plans which are available for all the individual watersheds.

The data processing was done with GoogleEarth and Quantum GIS. The final compilation of the map layout was done in gvSIG. Additionally to the map production a review of the project database was conducted in combination with a training of the database administrator of Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V. (WHH).

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